Jan 19, 2021

Last weekend we drove by a house where, rather than cleaning cobwebs off their home, they were intentionally putting cobwebs everywhere! Long strands of ghoul like confetti hung from the roof, skeletons could be seen sneaking their boney hands from the garden and the letterbox had been turned into what appeared to be a witch’s cauldron. No, they weren’t getting their home market ready for a very niche potential buyer… They were passionately preparing for Halloween! It got us thinking about how our neighbours and our local community go a long way in attracting us to an area and boosting the value of our home. Community goes a long way in evoking a sense of ‘home’.

We’ve all had that warm-fuzzy-feeling when driving through a neighborhood we like. It pulls at us, invading our thoughts and quickly creating daydreams about our kids playing at the local playground, taking the dog to the local park, shooting down the road to a boutique cafe before heading off to weekend sport. Very rarely does a house engage all of our interest – the area must engage us too! At Telos Group, we appreciate how lucky we are to operate in such an incredible area. Our clients’ reside throughout Whangapāroa, the stunning Hibiscus Coast and, more recently, the hustling North Shore. These are communities that have so many appealing local amenities but one of the greatest attractions is the community spirit. This community spirit (pun intended) is one that makes itself known during holidays. Don’t be shocked to see little witches, gremlins and dragons roaming the streets come Saturday – Halloween is upon us!

One such area that is bursting with Halloween spirit is The Circle – Manly Beach. In previous years, attracting upwards of 500 enthused trick-or-treaters, the residents at The Circle go all out! Houses are decorated, costumes sorted, lollies stocked and an orange balloon placed on the letterboxes. The orange balloon has been an initiative indicating that this is a ‘trick-or-treat’ friendly home! The street bustles with excitement, kids, parents, decorations, theatricals and even the tantalising aroma of a delicious sausage sizzle. Some of the residents spend months planning their spooky concept, seeking inspiration from topical global events and stringing a theme to their staging! It’s rumoured that the real entertainment comes from being able to get a little squeal out of the adults. We’ve even taken sweepstakes on which one of our agents we think would squeal the loudest! The Circle, Manly Beach is a Halloween Hotspot and one where even the locals get to enjoy a little ‘after-dark’ celebration. Events like this, and collective enthusiasm, showcase how special it is to live in a safe and friendly community. The other bonus? Increasing value of local properties. Other Halloween Hotspots run throughout Auckland – you can really turn this weekend into an adventure for the whole family!

There has been quite a bit of fear out there this year. People have been spooked by the unpredictable temperament of 2020 but it hasn’t all been tricks. There have been quite a few treats too. A very sweet treat, that continues to make its presence known, is the scorching heat of the housing market and the satisfying sale prices – leaving a very sweet taste in our sellers’ mouths. Don’t let yourself be haunted by regret! If you’ve been considering getting an appraisal now is the time to do so! Whether you’re looking to sell, relocate or reassess options, our Telos Tribe can help you out with a complimentary appraisal. We are experts in our local areas and happy to show you some very special local communities. Don’t go with a ‘dawn of the dead’ agency with archaic approaches. At Telos, you’re knocking on the right door!

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