How do you show an open home when, well, nothing is able to open? Whilst this challenge might deter some, especially in high-end luxury living, for others a challenge presents opportunity. This opportunity was well and truly seized by Caleb Paterson and his team from Telos Group Real Estate, a bespoke and innovative real estate agency based out of the Hibiscus Coast.

Recent COVID-19 lockdowns, throughout New Zealand, impacted many sectors in unprecedented and unpredictable ways. For real estate, it highlighted the innate need for client-driven systems, innovative marketing strategies and timely action. With the industry experiencing a surge in demand for high-end luxury living, Paterson and his team ensure that up-to-date, effective and cutting edge technology can assist in bringing this privately desired living to a high-number of potential buyers. This has been achieved in an industry first for videography, showcased through First Person View (FPV) media. 

FPV footage is captured by a drone; unlike traditional drones that have come before it, FPV is piloted through the perspective of the drone, not the on-the-ground pilot. This subtle but key difference creates a truly immersive viewing experience. The drone’s ultralight make, alongside it’s discrete size, enables it to capture footage like no other. When aligning this with the real estate sector, you get mesmerising marketing that captures the essence and ambience of a property. From being able to enter homes, hallways, windows, outdoor entertaining, and incredible aerial shots, FPV is changing the game for marketing and gifting immersive experiences to potential buyers both near and far. Combining the captivating footage with an overlay of sounds of the surrounding landscape – or entertainment zones, did someone say “splash”? – creates an authentic viewing experience. When marketing luxury property, you’re often luring those looking for a particular lifestyle. Lifestyle is an attractive reason to relocate. FPV enables potential buyers to view a home without needing to travel extensively; and, if they like what they see, a private viewing is suitably arranged.

 Paterson’s premier lifestyle division, The Paterson Luxury Group, recently used FPV to market ‘Tuscan Summer Dreams’ of 44B John Brian Drive as well as the playful inspired marketing of ‘Santorini Dreaming’. With a dedicated in-house Creative Team, these technologies and innovative concepts give Telos Group a unique point of difference and competitive edge. Whilst FPV will continue to ‘make a buzz’ in evoking immersive viewing experiences, it is certainly going to reshape the luxury market.

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