Our Story


Our team believes in being authentic, raising the bar and keeping clients for life! Telos boasts a rich culture where staff are appreciated, clients are valued and we deliver bespoke and exceptional service to all.


We believe that a team that is in a constant state of growth is best not only for the positive culture of our workplace, but for the passion and drive needed to execute client goals. At Telos, best is not an end destination; best is a state of growth and direction forward. We are strategic in working towards our own telos of ‘being the best little agency in our market’. Our strong processes allow for transparency, guidance and ensure that our staff and client wellbeing is also considered. Through these effective processes we see more efficient use of time, higher productivity and an assertive culture.



It’s believed that we all live out our own stories. We are the main characters and the plot is our life. But stories aren’t just for our personal lives. Each and every business has a story too. On a cliche level, many business owners might claim that it started from ‘a dream’. But to truly engage with a business, to value a business, to trust a business, it’s key to ensure you know it’s story; where it all began. So where did we, Telos Group, begin? 

Real Estate has, arguably, always existed. Whether it was men wanting to upgrade their cave to a better view of the valley, or to accommodate their expanding tribe, a demand existed. Our Telos Story isn’t one about creating a new industry. Rather, it’s a story where we wanted to thrive in an established industry and quite simply, ‘do it better’. It’s a story about passion, professionalism and commitment to people. 

The name ‘Telos’ derives from the term meaning an end goal or purpose. It is this purposeful engagement with people that acts as the backbone of Telos and stems from the vision of co-founder and Managing Director, Caleb Paterson. Like many, Caleb’s passion for helping people started at an early age when helping out at his family’s Wildlife Park – talk about an exciting childhood! This strengthened over time, becoming a pillar of his relationships with clients in the Fitness Industry before giving him a point of different as a Business Owner in Auckland. It was clear to Caleb that no matter what industry you found yourself in, if you weren’t in it for the right reasons, you shouldn’t be in it at all. This passion for helping people achieve their goals, and the empathetic expertise of support that came with this, equipped Caleb with the skills needed to lead a team and establish a culture of care and commitment. 

A business story wouldn’t be as engaging without a little romance thrown in the mix and it was when Caleb met his now-wife, Bianca, that it became clear that this business would thrive in the Real Estate Industry. Bianca’s insatiable passion for Real Estate, and years of experience in the sector, slowly rubbed off on Caleb. He soon found himself working as a National Sales Coach at one of New Zealand’s top Real Estate Agencies. He was leading teams, ranging from fresh agents to more established multi-million dollar year earners. Regardless of his teams’ level of experience, it was his background skills in helping others reach their potential that soon led to Caleb running his own office in Whangaparaoa. It was when Caleb really sunk his teeth into the industry that he began to notice some nuances and the notion that one size most certainly did not fit all. With the world around us all changing, and how people access information and support, it was clear then that Real Estate had the potential to evolve. 

Caleb’s ongoing frustration at the misconceptions towards Real Estate agents made him realise that the values needed to be made clearer. Stereotypes and perceptions needed to be squished. Both agents and clients, needed to understand that no one was out to better the other and that it was about working towards an end goal together. The real push of the matter wasn’t just his desire to rewrite the narrative of who a Real Estate agent was, it was the news that his wife was expecting twins’ in the coming year. It was now or never for Bianca and Caleb to take the plunge. This nudge led them in the direction of industry experts who shared a similar vision and also wanted to build a brand based on these values. Before the twins’ had arrived, Telos Group was born. 

Telos Group opened their doors with two passionate salespeople and an incredible Operations Manager. Their first sale wasn’t completed in some swanky office but in an unfurnished building, on a concrete floor, on the rustic comfort of two large cushions from The Warehouse. The team was driven and the minor details of furnishings had to wait! Within a year, the sales team had grown by a further five industry experts. They all shared the Telos Vision. For Telos, it isn’t about being the biggest in the industry, it’s about being the best. Telos Group is bespoke. Everything is tailored to clients’ needs and the team is relentless in achieving their clients’ goals. 

Caleb and his team recognise the sensitivities of the assets dealt with in their industry. A house is more than a place of shelter. It is a physical location that holds memories and means different things for different clients. It are these client narratives that inform goal setting, appropriate sales processes and drive home the importance of working together for a shared end goal. The Telos team are authentically invested in ensuring clients reach their goals. 

Telos Group has fine tuned their expertise and created the perfect four-pillar approach towards engaging, supporting and retaining life-long clients. Firstly, Client Goals are at the forefront of all that we do. From here, our team executes effective Marketing strategies to work towards these goals. The third pillar of Negotiation is an essential component of the Telos Team; so much so that we regularly engage in upskilling in negotiation workshops and extending our level of prowess. Finally, our fresh and frank approach towards Communication is the thread that weaves all of these together: Client Goals, Marketing, Negotiation and Communication. 

You see for Telos Group, it’s really quite simple. We raise the bar, we make deals and we keep clients for life. We understand that our story is one that stems from a passion for helping people achieve their goals. Understanding your why is important to us. We understand ours and we know we are ready to help clients understand theirs too. We’re proud to live out our story and have the opportunity to change how people may view the Real Estate industry. Our stories theme is about ‘doing better, for others’. A theme where every client matters.