Jan 19, 2021

Earlier, in Our Story, we shared a little about our background and the meaning behind our name – Telos Group. With the shared understanding that telos means an end goal or purpose, we thought it was time we let you know a little bit about our very own telos… The Telos Group’s telos!

Whilst on the surface we may think the end goal in the Real Estate Industry can be a tad predictable, it’s not exactly reflective of the culture and telos that drives our company forward. Our telos is to be ‘the best little agency on the coast’. We are excited by the ambition of this goal and are acutely aware that the days of needing a large agency, extensive marketing reach and access to multiple properties are long gone! We are operating in a time of bespoke, tailored service where quality highly outweighs quantity. It’s time for the David’s of the Real Estate Industry to contend with Goliath.

The extensive growth in technology has already made its mark on our industry. The flexibility that online listing platforms has afforded the industry with has resulted in the emergence of social media as a strategic tool, appealing to digital buyers via video marketing. Don’t worry if you’ve read this sentence a few times and are feeling a bit lost. Our Telos Team are geeks! We thrive off of the data and analytics that this new platform has created and implement this into tailored, effective campaigns, sought at locating the right buyer for your property. In a time where exposure is only a swipe or click away it’s integral that you have a team working for you that know how to tap into this avenue. The Telos Team are well versed with this and are quickly excelling in the creativity and depth this platform is creating.

To achieve our telos of being ‘the best little agency in our market’ we need to be ambitious in becoming ‘the best’. To us, being the best means that we have a distinct understanding of the market, an awareness of our clients’ needs and their own telos (more on this in Part Two). The best is being well-versed in using technology as a tool in locating and targeting the ideal buyer and keeping our clients for life. Being the best is about cultivating relationships, challenging ourselves, creating effective goals with clients and operating with professionalism and integrity. We are well on the way towards achieving our telos. The next step? Helping our clients’ achieve their own telos too!

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