Nov 21, 2020

 Tips to Presenting the Perfect Home

We all know which is our best side when facing the camera. Maybe we even stand on a certain angle, extending a leg forward and try to look somewhat nonchalant. Whether we care to admit it or not, we know what looks best. These exact principles are echoed in staging and showcasing your home.

Gosh, could you just imagine if someone walked through your home on any given day of the week to shoot some professional market photographs? Some of us would be mortified. However,  with a little forward planning, we might relish this experience and feel pretty chuffed when we see what professional photography and editing can do for our home.

It’s not all smoke and mirrors when it comes to creating property content. Whilst editing and photoshop can help accentuate finer features, it’s integral to be authentic to the essence of your home. We’ve worked with our talented content creator to share some tips when it comes to staging, shooting and showcasing the ‘perfect’ home.

 Figure out the BEST time of day for a property shoot.

Your property’s orientation acts as a strong guide in determining the ideal time of day to shoot content. An east-facing property would benefit from a morning shoot. Whereas a west-facing property is complimented by afternoon light. Our popular north-facing properties need to be shot late morning to early afternoon. And last, but not least, south-facing properties can be photographed first thing or in the last rays of the day. By utilising natural light, considering potential shadows and pondering the ‘mood’ of a space you’re able to capture more than just a building. You can capture the essence of a home and allow potential buyers to imagine living there too. As for the weather? There are only so many aspects you can control. Professional photographers and videographers can ‘touch up’ weather aspects but getting the natural lighting right first will save HOURS in the editing suite!

Declutter your home

First impressions go a long way! Allow potential buyers to form them quickly and positively by decluttering your home and tackling the easy-jobs. This may include removing too many picture frames, or highly personalised items, from a room. Does your shoe rack need to stay by the front door? When we live in a home we quickly adopt habits of convenience; however, when we showcase a home we are packaging an ‘ideal image’. Switch out a cluttered shelf for a single object and plant. Remove items from the coffee table. If you’re wanting to highlight a large walk-in-wardrobe consider how tidy this looks first. Yes, buyers want storage but it’s always more appealing when it looks organised too. Oh, and a major one, declutter the entrance! The street view or kitchen are commonly the ‘money shots’ of marketing.

 Have a clean home

We know that this one sounds a little obvious but when it comes to editing photos, trying to photoshop dirty windows or greasy countertops can take a long time! For heavy traffic areas, such as kitchens and bathrooms, consider a commercial cleaner. You want perfectly polished floors, streak-free windows, stain-free carpets, spotless benchtops. There is no need to photograph garbage or bins so get them out of the frame! The bin by the toilet? Remove. The compost in the kitchen? Hide it. When you’re in decluttering mode, store away the toaster, remove toothbrushes from the countertop, hide the bath toys in a cupboard. Less is more, and cleanliness goes a long way!

 It’s not just the inside that matters!

The exterior of a home equates to a first impression. Desirable street appeal creates interest and interest attracts potential-buyers through the door! Get into the gardening, remove weeds and overgrown bush, waterblast the driveway, paint the front door. Park the car elsewhere and rake the front lawn.

 Consider property staging

If all else fails, or you’re pressed for time, experts are on hand to help. Staging a property is a time-effective way to capture your home in its best light. Professionals know the principles of less is

more, decluttering and creating a lifestyle in a room. You may even consider staging part of your home, discussing with your content creator that these are the spaces you would like to showcase as the main images of your marketing campaign. After all, you want your photography and videography to hook interest and attract people to the open-homes.

 Some basics!

Hide all cables and wires. Aim for consistent lighting – use the same lightbulb throughout your home and ensure your lights are on, regardless of what time of day your home is shot. Seek symmetry in your staging. Avoid ghastly messes. You may not be able to control what’s happening at your neighbours so try to avoid capturing their mess in a frame. Get rid of pet items from the home – the kitty’s litter box and dog’s bowl doesn’t need to be by the backdoor. Open your curtains and be consistent with blinds – ideally, a 45 degree angle looks best in photographs.
Capturing great photos first-off saves a lot of time further down the track. Consider this as one of the most important steps in selling your home. Work closely with your agent to talk about the greatest assets of your home, accentuate these in photographs and ensure you are piquing the interest of the right buyers.

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