Telos Creative

Albert Einstein surmised that “creativity is intelligence having fun”. Well, our Telos Tribe: Creative Team certainly showcases the collective intelligence, passion and innovation that goes into every single property campaign we design. Tailoring bespoke property campaigns involves an astute knowledge of the nuances of the industry, exceptional communication skills – in multiple modes, languages and timezones, cutting-edge technology, aesthetic flair and a relentless drive to deliver artistic and imaginative campaigns.

Real estate is built on dreams; an effective creative team plays an integral role in bringing these dreams to life. True to our mantra, the ‘Telos point of difference’, we employ a team of highly-experienced individuals, solely committed to showcasing and accentuating the very best of your assets.

Our Creative Director, Tarrant Paterson, oversees our campaigns – executing logistics and creating harmony with the varying content types. Incredible content is captured through the unique vision of Hanani Kanter, our Videographer and Content Creator; with almost a decade of experience, nationally and internationally, Nani is aware of the distinct growth of social media and its influence on content creation. This sentiment is also shared by Oliver Bauer, our Social Media Strategist; after working extensively in the United States on social media campaigns and the rapidly evolving eSports platform, Oliver is well-versed with pace, change and deadlines. Meiliang Cao collaborates as a Content Creator and has been involved in multiple successful marketing campaigns. Her direct experience in the real estate industry enhances her skillset, affording her foresight in design. Excelling in communication, particularly through the social platform WeChat, Meiliang connects Telos Group to national and international clients. Bringing these all together, and creating that iconic Telos style, is our sublime Graphic Designer – Juan Gonzalez. Pushing almost two decades of experience, and a degree in Advertising and Design, Juan’s substantial skillset has been honed throughout the evolution of social media. His vast expertise, international perspective, and aesthetic truly complete our phenomenal Telos Tribe: Creative Team.

Telos Tribe: Creative Team specialises in:

  • Bespoke marketing campaigns
  • Multilingual communication
  • Social media
  • Videography and photography
  • Content creation
  • Professional copywriting
  • Industry patterns and trends