We understand that our biggest asset is our people that represent Telos Group. We are proud to introduce our team of experts.


Our Telos Tribe is a group of relentless, determined, innovative and caring individuals… the culmination? A tight-knit tribe of property experts that support and upskill one another, benefiting all of our clients. We live and breathe our values, recognising how these underpin our daily operations and instill confidence in our Telos Tribe. Our Telos Tribe is diverse, consisting of an incredible team and amazing clients. We’re all in this together and our Telos Values reflect this. We love what we do. We aim higher. We win together. We are a tribe. We own it. And we are proactive.

We firmly believe in the cliche that you need to wake up and be excited about the company you work for. When you love the role you’re in, your motivation increases and you’re more effective. Our Telos Team love Real Estate and are passionate about the industry, and people, they get to work with. This enthusiasm creates a genuine culture of care and value in relationships, striving towards keeping clients for life. Success is not achieved in isolation, but in collaboration. It’s integral to celebrate the successes of self and others as this collective sense of triumph fosters strong relationships and paves the way for future wins. We believe that in a tribe, ‘together everyone achieves more’. Our Telos Tribe is an experienced group of driven agents and industry experts. We are satisfied when our clients’ goals are met and they come back to us to action their future dreams! We all know that it takes a village to raise a child. Well, it takes an experienced tribe to sell a home!