Barbara De Mille


Barbara is inspired by providing an impeccable level of service, where all of her clients trust in the process, feel informed in every aspect and have transparency of all options on the table. Originally moving to New Zealand from the United Kingdom, Barbara experienced first-hand what it was like to buy a home and work with an agent. Being in the ‘passenger’s seat’ gifted her appreciation of the process, highlighted the dos and don’ts and ultimately led to her decision to become a real estate agent. She knew she could do better and make this experience more exhilarating, and less stressful, for others.

This genuine belief in the service and listening that makes a passionate agent led to her aligning herself with Telos Group. Barbara believes in the concept of a ‘telos’; an end goal or result that you are constantly working towards. She is insatiable in her drive for empowering her clients’ in discovering and executing their own property telos. Inspired by the team culture here at Telos Group, Barbara brings her clients on the journey with her, operating in a transparent and professional manner resulting in respect and sales. Come rain or shine, Barbara is there to give her clients personalised time.

Barbara takes the opportunity to tailor bespoke marketing packages, put clients’ needs at the forefront of all actions and integrate innovation and honesty into the property sector. Her clients are quickly made to feel at ease in her company. She removes stress, facilitates incredible open-homes, keeps clients informed and is approachable every step of the way!

For Barbara, it’s not about being the number one agent but about being the right one. An agent that cares, engages, designs and executes her clients goals is able to pass the love of a home from the seller to the buyer. Let Barbara help you with your property goals and get in touch today.