Property Manager 

Home ownership can be a fantastic experience; so much so, it can inspire us to grow an investment portfolio and consider dabbling in rentals. When it comes to multiple-home ownership you want to have a diligent, proactive and logistical-ninja as your property manager. That’s where our secret knight of Telos Group comes in – Greer Knight.

Greer’s prowess in property management is evident through her efficient operations, passion for the role and exceptional communication skills. You’ll find that she is incredibly easy to chat with and you are quickly made to feel at ease in her company. This reassurance is essential when dealing with asset management. With an interest in problem-solving and streamlining systems, Greer is a perfect fit for our Telos Tribe and further broadens our premium services available for our clients.

Her knowledge of the nuances of managing properties ensures she is aware of the timeliness needed when dealing with tasks, the communication between all key stakeholders and maintaining harmonious relationships – with an up-to-date understanding of legislation in this sector. Whilst Greer often thinks of herself as the funniest person in the room, you can guarantee she’ll be quick to make time to share a coffee with you and discuss your property. Being on the same page from the get-go alleviates stress and allows you to walk away knowing your property is in great hands.

Greer appreciates that our Telos Tribe is passionate about providing personalised service and genuine commitment to our clients. She is dedicated, honest, positive and motivated. She really is the ‘key’ when it comes to property management. To learn more about Greer, or see how Telos Group can help you with your assets, get in touch. Greer loves a chat – and she’ll even shout ya a coffee on us!