Mel Maurice

Having worked in both the fashion industry and the world of finance, I have a design eye that’s also great with figures. Details are important: You’d be surprised how much just moving furniture can open up a space and dramatically improve your price. In the same way, your colour combinations and lighting choices have a huge impact on the final presentation and sale of a home. Ultimately, I use my expertise to pass on advice on how to make a home more saleable by making small interior and exterior adjustments. I know what to do to maximise price, and the people to contact to make quality changes quickly and cheaply.

For me, buying and selling property is all about the relationships you create. You can’t help but become personally invested in people and their properties when you are dealing with something that is so significant (and valuable). Week to week, we love to host people at our open homes; making them feel comfortable with a coffee or water so they get a sense of what it would be like to actually live in the space they are viewing. Building relationships in this industry is second nature to me, having started as a beauty therapist and makeup artist with my own business in a salon in Epsom at 18. I built up and sold two beauty businesses before moving on to hone my skills in accounts and administration. Now I bring all these business and design skills to the table to assist my clients through my work at Team Campbell and Co.