Natalie Newton

Natalie’s expertise stretches from the North Island and across the seas to the United Kingdom. Having worked as the General Manager for a high-end fashion line in the UK, as well as established and requested experience as Head of Personal Shopping, it’s easy to ascertain how Natalie’s skills of style, personalisation and dedication transcend from fashion to real estate. Her franchise management, alongside Regional Manager of the North Island, for two well-known carpet brands, puts her in good stead with an astute understanding of quality, function and form.

It’s fair to say Natalie has a passion for impeccable calibre, people and results. Her experience in sales and interior fit-outs gives her diverse perspective on some of the systematic elements of listing, and the process leading up to it. She has received multiple accolades, nationally and internationally, that acknowledge her experience in business development, understanding client needs and results-driven practice. It is her onus on integrity and honesty which allow her to form powerful working relationships with colleagues and clients, truly working towards their greatest need.

With over three decades of sales experience, Natalie well and truly lives and breathes all things sales! She has worked independently and in teams, having also trained teams too. She is excited to work in the dynamic Telos Tribe and we are thrilled to have her impressive expertise!

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