Sharna Salthouse

An impeccable level of service, integrity and strategy stem from the foundation of Sharna’s expertise. Further to these, her exceptional clarity, desire for excellence and creativity give her a competitive edge and unique point of difference – a huge asset that works in her clients’ favour. Specialising in targeted marketing campaigns and equipped with a nous for negotiation, Sharna’s listings stand out from the rest. 

In an industry where time is of the essence, Sharna’s enthusiasm and personalised marketing strategies equate in results. She explores clients’ telos – their goals – in both a present and future sense, ensuring this foresight can be tapped into should the opportunity present itself. She looks after her clients and her proactive communication results in a timely and genuine understanding of clients’ future ambitions. 

Sharna has always lived and breathed sales; she grew up observing her father’s successful sales career in the marine industry, before astutely fine-tuning her own approach. She swapped launches for property and quickly found her feet in a fast-paced industry which she is incredibly passionate about. This fast-pace was once echoed through her zealous involvement in the fitness industry, where she helped clients achieve different goals as a Personal Trainer. 

Despite being one of the youngest agents in the industry, her proven track-record and perseverance firmly cements her continual success. Sharna Salthouse knows a thing or two about houses. After all, it’s in her name. 

Get in touch with Sharna to make your property ambitions a reality.