Creative Director
Tarrant Paterson

For as long as he can remember, Tarrant has had a passion for connection and creativity starting with a love of animals. Finding the beauty in peoples connections with animals, he went on to complete a degree in Zoology with Massey University which led to an interesting career working in Scotland, Christchurch and Hamilton.

Fast forward to today, Tarrant is living locally on the Hibiscus Coast and following his other passion which is property in the creative space. Tarrant’s focus is on brand awareness and coming up with unique ideas for relevant real estate content and ways people can connect with property.

Along with his successful Zoology career, Tarrant has worked in the landscaping space for a number of years. Having owned property himself, Tarrant has a good understanding of how real estate works and what our audience wants to know.

“My goal is keep people informed in a fun and creative way so they can have the facts they need to make property decisions. Online content is huge these days, especially since the COVID-19 pandemic – our clients want relevant content that is up to date.”

Tarrant brings an energetic, positive approach to every project, he smoothly and respectfully guides the Telos Creative team through the social media and marketing process to ensure the best outcome and value for “You” his clients.

When he is not working, Tarrant has a passion for animals, photography and nature – he loves being out and about spending time his young family and his rescue dog.