Jan 19, 2021

Discovering our own telos can seem a little like hide and seek. Whilst there are times where it is obvious and clear, there are also times where our telos can be hard to locate! This is the funny thing about goals: they can stare us directly in the eye, providing clarity and instant motivation, or they can vanish – much like a mysterious Houdini trick.

When considering one of our most important assets – property – it is crucial that we have an understanding of our own telos. What is our end goal or purpose? What is it that drives us? What sort of roof do we want over our head? And, where exactly is this? When we have an understanding of our personal telos we are better equipped at making informed decisions, seeking appropriate support and communicating to others what we want!

Your telos may take the form of a comfortable property that caters to your snow-white poodle, within walking distance to an amazing dog park. Maybe your telos is aligned with your growing family; close proximity to schools and town are essential to you. Or potentially, your telos is about building a little empire; you’ve been on the property ladder a while and you want to lock in some future assets. Regardless of how different telos’ can be, the central component that connects them all is they’re meaningful. A poor telos gets us nowhere, a rich telos empowers us to make it a reality.

Don’t despair if you can’t yet articulate your telos. Trying to put into words exactly what we want and what motivates us is difficult and in a state of constant evolution. When chatting with Telos Group, you’ll quickly identify how important understanding your own telos is. And, if your telos is hiding and you need help discovering it, the Telos Tribe are passionate and committed to helping you discover it. From here, a shared telos is born. When a telos is visible, valued and personal, there is a greater chance that it remains at the forefront of all actions. So, if you’re tired of playing hide and seek with your telos, get in touch. Let’s find your telos together and work towards making your telos a reality!

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